We have 2 Blackholes on earth….

A Joke?

Yes and no.

It is easy. The names of the both human-made blackholes are copyright and capitalism.

Okay. The blackhole „copyright“ is a product of the other. But both swallowing customers and more. Over lawsuits against filesharing, by greed for money from the haves and more. Klaus von Dohnanyi is saing we do to much against manager of banks and co. I don’t think so. We do to less to fight against a next possible financial crisis!

Jail them all. Ok. That’s a joke.

Yes, i hate capitalism. But has someone a better idea to replace it?
More difficult is to replace it with nothing ‚Star Trek‘-like.

(hmm…. I haven’t forget it. Star Trek is a trademark of Paramount Pictures. Or so…)

Climate change is dangerous? Yes. But our blackholes are more dangerous!

Good day.